Oilily Handbags

For over twenty five years now, Oilily¬† have designed and manufactured their own well know range of funky and stylish bags and handbags, with ranges which have always included Baby Changing Bags (Diaperbags) Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Back Packs, Sports Bags, Beauty Bags, Weekenders, Bottle Bags, Purses, and Pencil Cases, plus an exquisite range of ‘up market’ bags for the Ladies. The staggering thing about Oilily bags, is not only the range and quantity of their collections, but the many and varied designs, and the fact that a new Collection comes out every six months. i.e. One each for Summer and Winter. Buy¬†Oilily Handbags.

Oilily, including their bag collections, and have supplied numerous shops with Oilily branded products over the years.